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healing, release and restoration

Christian Prayer Ministries


Frequently asked questions about CPM

What is this ministry all about? See the About CPM section by clicking here.

What is the distinctive emphasis of CPM?  We offer a mutual encouragement of local resources for local ministry,
supported by those further afield, for implementing the principles of Prayer Ministry as embodied
 in the Circle of God’s love and the four areas of brokenness.

What's happening?   You can find out what is happening by using the events page.

Who runs the organisation? Leaders are elected to guide and oversee the organisation in accordance with the Constitution.                                         Each region have leaders who arrange local events.

Is it a para-church organisation? Christian Prayer Ministry Members are members of local churches.

                                       CPM is committed to working with and in Churches by invitation.

                                        It's events are usually open to a number of churches in an area.

                                        Events may be on Church premises or other appropriate venues.

                                        Most events are open for anyone to attend.

Is it Biblical?              We take a Christian viewpoint from the perspective of Jesus, and therefore of the biblical record of his
                                       time on earth and of his attitude to the scriptures of the Old Testament.

                                       Biblical references are appended on some pages, as appropriate. Core to the ministry is Luke 4:18-19

Is it for non-Christians?  The love of God through Jesus is for all.

                                       God gives particular blessings to and through those to whom Jesus is Lord, in particular his Holy Spirit.

                                       The Holy Spirit works to an unpremeditated agenda - the wind blows where it wills. (John 3:8)

                                       Obstacles and hindrances may impede the touch of the Holy Spirit in non-Christians, as may also occur in                                        Christians.

                                       Anyone can apply to come on a prayer ministry course.

Has anyone benefited from it?  Yes -
                                        many people have experienced the life-changing power of the risen Jesus Christ and have become new                                         people. The News pages carry news of past events, including some blessings people have experienced.

How can I know when there are  opportunities for prayer ministry with CPM?   As with most other events, courses will be                                        generated locally by local decision, and will be posted on the events page of this Web Site. Events will be                                        updated as we are notified.

How much does it cost?  The information leaflet for an event should give a cost for that occasion.

                                       Other meetings may welcome a contribution at the end to cover expenses.

Who can I contact? Use the contact us’ facility by clicking here and the CPM Website Editor will forward your comments or                                         questions to the most appropriate person.   Once in touch with a Contact you may chose whether to use                                         phone or letter or e-mail or meet to carry on a conversation.  

What if I am not happy with something about CPM ministry? All Prayer Ministers operate under a ‘Code of Ethics and Practice’                                        and a ‘complaints procedure’ forms part of this. To see this document click here

How can I become a member or hear more about Christian Prayer Ministries?  

                                       A Member is someone over 18, interested in supporting the objects of CPM, such as by prayer and attending                                        Events, has paid the annual subscription, and is on the CPM Register.

                                       Members can vote for representation of their region on the Executive Committee.

                                       See Membership for an application form.

How can I make a donation in support of Christian Prayer Ministries?

                                       By cheque etc., to ‘Christian Prayer Ministries’. Go to donations page

                                       For those paying Income Tax, Gift Aid can apply from the date of donation.



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