The terminology we use on these Web pages, and what it means.

Charity number: Applies to Gift Aid Donations and subscriptions. (1090856)

Course:  An event as a series of meetings, to be taken as a whole.

Event: Most events are open to anyone from anywhere.

          Most events are local occasions for which we invite prayer support, details are           on the Regional Notices and summarised on the Events page.

          Some may be specifically for a Committee or Planning Team, or a Church or           other group as stated. (Just for CPM Members only, if so stated).

Executive:  The team of elected people (the Trustees of the Charity) who meet to                       guide and lead CPM on behalf of all Members.

Member: Anyone wishing to support this ministry, by prayer, participation in events                  and making an annual subscription.

Prayer Ministry: That is a prayer ministry of healing and restoration.

Prayer Support: Holding up to God for his blessing, to his agenda, without some of                                the characteristics of  Intercessors'.

Subscription: The annual contribution by CPM Members to the running of the CPM                            organisation and its activities, as determined by the Executive.

Team:  Recognised people able to function in the name of CPM in a specific              situation, such as a prayer ministry or preparation for that.