Christian Prayer Ministries

Ministering the love of God to bring

healing, release and restoration

Christian Prayer Ministries


 Christian Prayer Ministries offers a variety of events to introduce people to the concept of Christian Prayer Ministry and to provide opportunities to receive the freedom, healing and blessing that is freely available from our loving Father. Additionally there are various other events designed to help encourage and refresh members and also to underpin all that we do in prayer. For those wanting to become Prayer Ministers, a structured training programme is available.

The programme of events can be found on the diary pages.

Pages in this section describe in more detail what to expect from various types of events. However in all that we do, we seek to follow these guidelines:

    To offer Christian Prayer Ministry as a work of Christ, by his Spirit and honouring to God.

    To direct people to God using possible guidelines rather than using techniques.

    To rely upon the revelation of the Holy Spirit, rather than the wisdom of man.

    To recognise that all people are individuals in the sight of God, and to avoid offering set answers.

    To offer suitable preparation for Prayer Ministry in which individuals will be able to participate.

    To recognise the skills appropriate to Prayer Ministry, such as listening, but not to be based on a formal     counselling model.

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An overview of what CPM does - healing the Jesus way

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